The Project

SeaSAFER will develop a range of simulated scenarios using accident or incident reports in an innovative online platform for training of seafarers working in various disciplines.

SeaSAFER especially focus on those aspects of human error in situations which can be corrected through the removal of existing deficiencies in the Maritime Education and Training (MET).

SeaSAFER studies accidents and incidents at sea and turned them into simulated scenarios which will be available online.

Benefits of SeaSAFER,

  • Raising seafarers awareness on the accidents that could take place in their vessel hence improvised skills sets of the
  • Easily accessible with lesser costs compared to conventional full mission simulators
  • Easier to learn compared to long written accident/incident reports
  • Certification option for seafarers in ships accidents recognised in partner countries and European wide
  • Recognition for the certificate from independent awarding, accredited and licensing authorities at medium term